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Course program

Several Tests & Techniques destined to optimize the treatment of toddlers

Denyse Dufresne DO (CAN):
President of FCERO (Fondation Canadienne pour l'Enseignement et la Recherche en Ostéopathie), international lecturer, Author

Course content:

Early osteopathic screening to uncover problems in infants (Dr Viola
   Frymann & Dr Amiel Tison)
 A specific approach, aimed at increasing the efficacy of treatment with new
   techniques suitable for children, which was developed over the course of a
   thirty-year-long career.
This method is adapted to the temperament and emotions of infants to
   avoid the progression to a full-blown disease (Disease axis, connection
   between organs & emotions)

This workshop offers:
a simple assessment mode, new highs speed techniques, intraosseous and 
   energetic ways
• a problem-solving skillset for certain conditions in order to maximize
   treatment efficacy and to improve the child’s status.

Prerequisite: Osteopath
Date: 15.11.-16.11.2017
Course language: French with German translation
Course location: Osteopathie Schule Deutschland, Oudenarder Straße 16, 13347 Berlin
Course fee: 249,- €
(Included in the price: possibly course note, coffee, water, tea, fruit, vegetables, biscuits, small snacks)

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If the minimal ammount of 18 attendees is not reached, the OSD reserves the right to cancel the course 4 weeks in advance. In this case the OSD reimburses the complete course fee. Beyond that there are no other rights of reimbursement for the attendees, especially referring to travelling or hotel expenses.

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