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Course program

Fascial Manipulation and Anatomy. Cadaver lab and basic principles.

Antonio Stecco MD PhD (ITA):
Specialist in Physical medicine and Rehabilitation President of the Fascial Manipulation Association Assistant President of the International Society of PMR (ISPRM)

Course content:

Thursday - Friday (OSD):
• Anatomy of the deep and superficial fascia: histology, innervation.
• Biomechanical model of the Fascial Manipulation
• Mechanical behavior of deep fascia
• Basic principles of internla fasciae
• Physiology of organ-fascial unity
• Physiology of fascia: layers and continuity, phatology of fascia
• Tendon and paratendon
• Fascial manipulation
• Systematic examination diagram
• Treatment demonstration

Saturday (UKE):
• Fascial structures on the specimen

The dissection course in the UKE building is limited to 22 participants.

Prerequisite: Osteopath, Osteopathy Student (5th year)
Date: 06.07.-08.07.2017
Course language: English with German translation
Course location: OSD, Mexikoring 19, 22297 Hamburg; Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf
Course fee: 540,- €
(Included in the price: possibly course note, coffee, water, tea, fruit, vegetables, biscuits, small snacks)

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The following applies to all courses:
If the minimal ammount of 18 attendees is not reached, the OSD reserves the right to cancel the course 4 weeks in advance. In this case the OSD reimburses the complete course fee. Beyond that there are no other rights of reimbursement for the attendees, especially referring to travelling or hotel expenses.

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