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It is the aim of the Institute of Integrative Morphology to help allow for the best possible healing process to unfold within the patient.

The institute supports osteopaths in their treatment approaches as well as the advancement of osteopathic training through research, publications and training of osteopaths and lectureres, e.g. via giving impulses for osteopathic curricula.

The institute raises complex questions regarding patient-therapist-interactions.

Investigations are being undertaken into the influences, interactions and principles of the human beings morphology as well as morphological dynamics and their development. New findings are being applied to osteopathic practice.

To this effect, an interdisciplinary field is being created that is as open as possible. It´s main focus lies within the promotion and consolidation of holistic treatment concepts in osteopathy. In order to do so, various fields of research such as evolutionary, phenomenological, hermeneutical, neostructural, system-theoretical, neurobiological, embryological or psychological research is being taken into consideration apart from specific osteopathic topics.

The integration of the above mentioned topics is supposed to serve justice to the fact, that numerous dynamics and levels of reality are involved in the practical process of an osteopathic intervention. Every attempt to make one of those levels into an absolute can lead to limitations of the therapeutic potentials. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary approach is an attempt to serve justice to the holistic principle, whereby the essence and the definition of the term ´holistic` are themselves topics of great discussion.

Holistic-cultural influences on the development of osteopathy as well as concepts in perceiving osteopathy as a vital revelation are supposed to be a part in the process of critical reflection. The instituted work is based on the idea that neither solely objective-rational, nor subjective-intuitive or religiously tainted approaches to the practice of osteopathy are exclusively able to fulfill the demands that are presented in the current situation of practicing.

The institute is engaging in defining basic terms and concepts of osteopathy and their influences on osteopathic practice.

The institute identifies element of indoctrination or ideology within osteopathy, modifying its claim to the absolute truth, and integrates its fractions of truth into new concepts. It is the final goal to implement these into research, teaching and practice.

The institute is engaged in the development of methods to facilitate the osteopaths´ potentials for self-reflection. These may involve sensomotor, vital, emotional, mental and spiritual areas. The patient´s role is most definitely not excluded in the osteopathic intervention. .

Thereby, the offered ideas are to be understood only as possibilities and by no means as dogmatic rules. The institute functions as a network to gather and bundle different efforts on all topics mentioned above. Osteopath and other therapists as well as researchers are invited and called on to participate.

The institutes programm for the masterclass postgraduates …

Postgraduate course on various topics are being offered during the OSD´s Master class-program...